Linux is amongst the most popular OSs for servers. There are many different distributions which use the same core, but the vast majority have a couple of things in common - they are 100 % free to use, which minimizes the overall cost of the web hosting service since license fees won't be included in what you have to pay; they are easy to maintain; and last, but not least, they are far more secure compared with competitor OSs, as random files, specifically virus-infected ones, just can't be executed on the hosting server. Thus, you will be able to enjoy a reliable service and spend the time developing and advertising your websites, not being concerned about security problems. Countless Linux-based machines use the Apache server to manage the HTTP traffic, because this software system is very quick and is also simple to maintain and modify as per the requirements of the web hosting provider. A Linux hosting server with Apache is the perfect software environment for your websites and it isn't a coincidence that many popular script-driven apps these days require LAMP, which signifies Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.
Stable Linux with Apache in Hosting
When you buy a hosting service from our company, your new account will be created on our top-notch cloud platform where each of the machines run Linux. Naturally, the Operating system has been custom made in order to satisfy our needs, so that you can get the most of our clustered platform. The files, emails, statistics, databases, etc., are addressed by individual groups of servers and this contributes to the more effective overall performance of the platform, because one machine deals with only one type of process running on it, in contrast to what all kinds of other companies do. All web requests are addressed by Apache, as we've seen first-hand that that islikely the lightest and most effective web server nowadays. Through a shared account on our cloud platform, you shall be able to enjoy a quick, stable and protected service and to use almost any web programming language – HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python, etc.
Stable Linux with Apache in Semi-dedicated Hosting
If you acquire a semi-dedicated hosting account for your websites, you shall be able to benefit from a secure and stable website hosting service on our revolutionary hosting platform. Linux-powered groups of machines will offer you the system resources and the uptime that you require, due to the fact that this OS matches our requirements and permits us to alter the software environment so as to get the most out of the platform, whose architecture contributes to the quickness and security of the service even more, since your files, databases, email messages, stats, etcetera., shall have their own cluster to address them. To boost the performance of your websites even more, we use the Apache web server, because our experience demonstrates it's the perfect one for our custom platform because it's potent, yet light and speedy.