From within the Databases Manager included in the Hosting Control Panel, it is also possible to set–up completely new MySQL and PgSQL databases immediately! Additionally, you will possess immediate access to the administrator area software tools (phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin, respectively), so that you can immediately alter the database you want.

Clean and Very easy Interface

Be in charge of all of your databases from just one place

The Databases Manager inside our Hosting Control Panel includes an effective but easy to navigate user interface. You are able to set up a completely new MySQL or PostgreSQL database by just typing in a username and password. What’s more, you can create a backup file or customize the security password of your database with merely a mouse click.

Via the Databases Manager you will have direct access to the management area for each of your databases, which means you can make simple adjustments when you need to.

Hepsia File Manager

Speedy Database Data backup

Back up your databases in just a moment

We have evolved the manual database back–up generation into a very easy activity. To do this: within the Databases Manager, click on the ’clock’ image near the database that you want to back up and afterwards wait around for a couple of seconds for the backup process to take place. With regards to the size of your database, the creation of any backup file can take between a couple of seconds and a minute.

You can create as many backup copies per database as you would like. We haven’t fixed any restrictions for the volume of databases that you could back up either.

Hepsia File Manager

PgSQL Support

Essentially the most protected open source databases

The majority of Low Cost’s hosting services plans present PgSQL support. Although falling behind MySQL with respect to global recognition and employment, PgSQL databases are famous for giving the top level of stability for your website content. That’s the key reason why companies such as Skype and Yahoo employ PgSQL databases as a substitute for MySQL.

When considering database management, PgSQL is equally simple as MySQL.

Hepsia File Manager

InnoDB Databases

The brand new face of MySQL

With Low Cost, you will invariably find the most current version of MySQL and the default MySQL storage engine – InnoDB, set up.

InnoDB is a lot more reliable than the old storage engine’s edition – MyISAM. It is ACID–compliant and, most of all – it gives you full transaction support. You’ll find, it makes use of row–level locking, as a substitute for MyISAM’s table–level locking, that previously used to trigger functionality issues at peak usage times.

Hepsia File Manager

Detailed Database Stats

Thorough statistics for all of your databases

We offer you a pretty simple solution to observe the database usage of your active web sites. From your in–depth database statistics interface, which is integrated into the Hosting Control Panel, you can easily record the load made by your busy web sites in real time. The provided information will allow you to assess the database load changes each hour, each day or monthly.

You can keep track of the database load for all your websites within the Database Stats area of the Hosting Control Panel. The table onscreen shows the database lookups created in the present month. To have a look at information and facts for an earlier month, just click on the back arrows positioned at the top.

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